Injectable Steroids

Those serious about boosting their athletic performance or putting on as much lean muscle mass as possible – as quickly as possible – have no doubt had a closer look at all that injectable steroids have to offer.

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Powerfully effective, the right injectable steroids can transform your body – and your athletic abilities – faster than maybe anything else.

At the same time, though, not everyone is all that eager about punching needles into their skin and injecting a chemical cocktail into their body.

Below we cover injectable steroids in-depth to alleviate some of those fears.

We highlight what the steroids are, why they are so effective, and cover a couple of options you want to consider if you’re going to go down this road.

Let’s get started!

Why Inject Steroids?

People choose to inject steroids for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is the speed of this delivery mechanism.

When you choose to inject steroids directly into your body, you’re able to get those chemical compounds to your muscles faster – with a lot less loss of the steroid compound itself along the way.

Orally available steroids are fantastic as well, but compared to injectable steroids you’ll always lose some of the effectiveness and some of the viability of the steroid compound just by the nature of how those steroids are absorbed.

Injectable options do not have trouble in that department.

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Popular Injectable Steroids to Consider

There are dozens and dozens of injectable steroid options you might want to consider, but the most popular options available today (the most proven) include:

  • Depo-Testosterone
  • Deca-Durabolin
  • Durabolin
  • Equipoise and
  • Tetrahydrogestrinone

Each of the steroids have their own pros and cons for sure, but the reason that these ones are more popular than any other is because of their proven track record of performance enhancement.

Are Injectable Steroids Safe?

Injectable steroids can be very safe, though you have to be careful with them (just like anything else).

For starters, you need to be sure that you are only ever injecting 100% legitimate steroid compounds.

This means purchasing steroids from a supplier you can trust.

The last thing you want to do is stick a needle in your body, plunge a chemical cocktail into your bloodstream, and not really know for certain what that chemical cocktail was.

On top of that, it’s a good idea to learn how to cycle, stack, or pyramid injectable steroids as well.

Cycling steroids is a process where you slowly ramp up the amount of steroids you are using before reaching a peak and then cycling back down until you’re taking no steroids at all. This allows your body to rest and recover before starting all over again.

Stacking allows you to use multiple steroids at once, combining different steroids to improve their efficacy and effectiveness while at the same time mitigating potential side effects.

Pyramiding is quite similar to cycling, though the “off cycle” is significantly truncated or nonexistent whatsoever. The processes of increasing and decreasing dosages is so gradual that you don’t necessarily have to go for six weeks without steroids the way you would with a cycle.